2020 is the Year of M.B.S.

January 1, 2020 at 6:00 AM
by Girl Power For Good, LLC
mind, body, spirit blog post.png

Happy New Year! It was a little weird to have New Year’s Day on Wednesday, as I really like to start my resolutions on a Monday, am I right? So, what are your resolutions? Losing weight? Eating more kale? Finally organizing the garage? Flossing three times a week? Side note, I met a very wise 90 year old man whom I asked, “With all your experience, looking back, what would you do differently?” And he answered, “Floss more.” That’s why it made the list.

At Girl Power for Good Foundation, the parent company of Girl Power Station and 850 Elite Volleyball Academy, we are all about empowering girls and moms to guide their own destiny. To that end, our new theme is “2020 the Year of M.B.S. Strength.” That’s Mind, Body, Spirit, as true wellness has all three components.

Over the next few weeks, we will first take stock of where we feel strong right now. Then we will turn our intentions, and resolutions, to where we want to feel stronger. With any resolution, which is really an intention to set a new habit, you must first acknowledge your starting place, without shame or judgement. Even Google Maps can’t determine the best route without a current location. After we determine where we are, then we can chart a course to an even stronger place that holds the highest and best version of ourselves.

So, where are you strong right now? Make three columns on a sheet of paper of your strengths in Mind, Body and Spirit and send me a copy at terrif@findyourpride.org (or write it on the Big Board at G.P.S.) today. Then let us help you achieve even greater strength together, because our greatest strength is connection!