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Are you a Shark or a Rowboat?
July 21, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Girl Power For Good, LLC

I am a shark. Not in my transactions, but in my motivational style. I am always moving forward. Always looking for the next puzzle to solve or opportunity to tackle. I rarely look back. However, this week, I am adopting the rowboat style of motivation-moving forward while looking back. Why? Because this week was my last oncologist follow-up appointment. I am officially post-breast cancer. No more tamoxifen; no more lengthy drives to UAB. I am free.

And yet, I am pulled to look back at the time I was diagnosed. At the struggle of moving my treatment to UAB, my mastectomy and recovery. Looking back at that weird summer of 2010, I am feeling...grateful. I am grateful for cancer, as it was the nuclear bomb that cleared the way for an equally explosive life change. Without cancer, I wouldn’t have the close relationship I have with my daughters. I wouldn’t have built a community center where girls of all ages and types can build their girl power and use it for good. I wouldn’t have become a life coach. I would have stayed in my safe little life and resented the sameness. 

It’s good for me to look back and realize that change really is good, even if it feels painful in the moment. If you’re a shark, too, try looking back at a time that seemed insurmountable, and then realize that you survived. It could have even been a blessing in the end. Try tweaking your perspective, looking forward or backward, to grow your gratitude for where you are right this minute!