Lack or Love Glasses?

October 11, 2020 at 5:00 AM
lack or love glasses.jpg

Lack or Love Glasses?

In uncertain times, which seems to be all the time lately, we tend to only notice what we don’t have, and that’s okay. It’s just not sustainable. Living in lack keeps us in a state of Fight or Flight, which can lead to a whole host of stress related diseases. This COVID-19 season has certainly increased our stress levels, but every cycle turns. Seasons end, relationships change, and kids grow up. Everything is always changing. You could say that change is our only constant. Our ability to accept change is directly related to our sense of safety and contentment.

Our contentment levels depend upon our perception of how we relate to the world and our circumstances in it. I say to my clients, and myself, we have a choice of what lens to use as we perceive life. Are you wearing Lack glasses or Love glasses?

Our fundamental outlook is built in childhood. My childhood was characterized by a lack of emotional support, as I was raised by parents who didn’t spend much time parenting. But underneath that baseline sense of lack is a rainbows and sunshine person, just waiting to burst into song. And it is my choice as to which glasses to wear every day. Do I choose my baseline lack or allow my rosy side to lead the way?

This pandemic has my Lack glasses at the ready. Daily, they call out to my scared inner kid, “Try these on, they are so comfortable. It’s like you’ve been wearing them forever!” But I know how that story ends—with stress, migraines and an unhealthy obsession with Talenti and Sour Cream and Onion Pringles (not usually at the same time). I can choose to ignore those glasses and put on my Love glasses instead. My vision while wearing them softens the edges of every situation. I can look past petty drama to the hurt beneath the snark. I can empathize, open my heart, and help soothe that pain.

It’s as easy as choosing to wear my love glasses every day. They are the perfect accessory for a compassionate heart and a meaningful life. It’s always up to you which glasses you choose to wear. Choose the rosy ones today, and join me under the rainbow!