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Stopping Is Hard! Just Don't Start
May 22, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Girl Power For Good, LLC
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I’m trying to give up refined sugar, again. This has been a lifelong struggle for me, as I have used sugar as a comfort drug since I was a little girl. I remember going to the ice cream parlor with my dad and loading up on the mind numbing yumminess. It was nice to have a point of connection with my sugar addict father, since we really didn’t have much else in common.

My mom had a sugar problem as well, but she controlled it. She would use her indomitable will to allow herself one piece of semi-sweet chocolate per night. She knew she kept anything sweet in the house I would plow through it like a junkie with an 8 ball (is that a thing? I heard it in a movie and it sounded bad). So, her solution was to hide all sugar from me. Now it was an addiction and a scavenger hunt for me--fun! My history with sugar has set me up for a lifetime of stress around sweets.

It’s time for the struggle to end. I’m not stopping sugar--I’m just not starting it again.

I made this decision while staring at the bottom of an empty box of Milk Duds, thinking, how did I eat all of those; didn’t I just start the box? I don’t want to be the person who mindlessly shoves plastic tasting junk food in her mouth! So, right then, I decided to do something different. I decided to just not start eating candy again. I’m doing other things like a lower carb, higher fat diet that helps diminish the sugar cravings. I’m doing the Mindful Eating meditation series on the Headspace App (highly recommended), but mostly, I’m just not starting to eat sweets. 

Not starting is infinitely easier than stopping.

If I do start, which happened with a very intentional gluten-free cupcake on my birthday, I will be very kind to myself and start not starting all over again. It was bizarrely easy the day after my birthday to return to my not starting again. I’m prepared for it to take a while, as this is a lifelong addiction. I feel so much better without the sugar monkey on my back, and that will help. I have no sweets in my house, except what my hubbie brings in and consumes in one sitting, and that will help. But mostly I will just stay curious and clear about my intention to NOT START an action that ultimately leads to mental and spiritual anguish for me. When I get a craving, I will pivot to another room, go outside, play with my dog or pick up a book. Anything else, preferable something fun, that doesn’t involve starting sweets again.

What do you crave that you know isn’t good for you? Drama, gossip, shopping online, arguing with your butthead sibling to finally show them who’s right? Next time you crave that thing, just don’t start. Make an intention to do anything else. If you need some help, click the CONTACT button and we will Not Start together!