Why So Serious?

April 20, 2020 at 5:00 AM
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I just hung up from a Zoom call with our 850 Elite coaches, and I’m still giggling! It was a respite from my new normal. I have been more than a little grumpy, as tales of gloom and doom swirl around my brain. I’m normally a ridiculously chirpy person. Just ask my family what it’s like to wake up to someone babbling about how beautiful the day is and how lucky we are to have each other! Every day. But lately, I’m hunched over my phone trying to figure out the best way to stay safe. It turns out that finding the funny is an easy path to feeling a lot safer.

If I can let go of my rush to drama, I can broaden my focus to see the funny beneath the fear. When I can giggle at life, it lightens my heart and makes me a better mom, leader and human being. Nothing is so serious that we can’t laugh at it. I’m not minimizing the severity of families with sick loved ones, I’m just saying that we are not built to be freaked out and sad 24/7. The stress of dealing with constant uncertainty will make us more susceptible to illness, as our immune system is fighting a mental threat instead of gearing up for a physical one. So, let’s take a giggle break!

Top 5 things to giggle about (or at, your choice):

  1. Bedazzled face masks: Shout out to the gramma with the paisley, bedazzled face mask in Publix—way to put the pizazz in pandemic!
  2. John Krasinski’s Some Good News on YouTube: I didn’t think I could be more in love with him, but this delightful little dessert of a show made me swoon.
  3. Group FaceTime for game night with my girls: We played Scattagories by video chat last Saturday and hunted for Easter Baskets the same way on Sunday morning. The sons-in-laws were introduced to our own brand of competitive basket hunting, and no one got hurt...this time.
  4. Squirmy Writing Desks: My giant puppy has an affinity for being my living weighted blanket every time I sit down to write. I prop my journal on his furry back, and we’re both content!
  5. Casual Any-day: I love wearing p.j. bottoms on my business video calls. Yes, team, I know that’s TMI, but you should be happy I’m wearing pants at all.

Now it’s your turn! Please send me your 5 Funny Things list (terrif@findyourpride.org) or post them on our Facebook page! Share a giggle this week with your loved ones inside and outside your house, and let’s all put fun ahead of fear this week.